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Dana Cohen, fashion designer based in Brooklyn, NY
I spent over a decade working in corporate fashion.  I watched fabrics get ordered and never be used and garments piling up on sale racks.  During that time, I discovered I am REALLY passionate about waste-- both the waste created from manufacturing the things we all need and love (it turns out there's enough waste created annually during the manufacturing of clothes alone to cover all of North Korea!) and the waste created from too much cheap plastic stuff piling up in landfills (which can take hundreds of years to degrade!).  I knew that there was a better was to design.  What if, instead of depleting new resources to create new materials, we just used the "waste" out there to create beautiful things?
HYER GOODS is a brand that offers wallets, bags and accessories made of leather sourced from factory scraps. By upcycling "trash", we eliminate the massive energy footprint needed to cultivate land, livestock, crops and fertilizers, while simultaneously reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill.  Less energy and less pollution mean fewer greenhouse gases.    I call this BETTER LEATHER. 
I hope that you love your HYER GOODS purchase.  It will age well and should last for generations.  Wear it, enjoy it, and donate it or give it to a friend when you're done with it.  Know that if it ever finds its way into a landfill, leather, unlike faux leather, biodegrades in a reasonable amount of time so it won't be a burden on future generations. Having a positive environmental impact has never been so easy.


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