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10 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for the holidays

Sustainable gift ideas for everyone on your list.


The holiday season is synonymous with joy, family gatherings, and the cherished tradition of gift-giving. However, in an era when the urgency of addressing climate change and sustainability is paramount, the choices we make when selecting gifts have taken on newfound significance. As we approach the holiday season, there's a growing desire to embrace sustainable gift ideas that not only bring happiness to the recipient but also play a vital role in nurturing our planet. This is where our sustainable gift guide comes into play. Whether you’re shopping for an environmentally conscious friend or it’s important to you to purchase more meaningful, impactful presents, in this blog we will introduce you to a curated selection of 10 remarkable eco friendly holiday gifts, each crafted from upcycled materials, fashion scraps, and recycled resources. These climate friendly gifts seamlessly combine style, functionality, and a commitment to sustainability, offering a thoughtful way to celebrate the season.



a green card wallet being slid into a cream pant pocket

1. Upcycled Leather Card Wallet

For the minimalist: our upcycled leather card wallet is a prime example of how fashion scraps and discarded leather can find new life and purpose. This small yet stylish accessory is not only a functional card holder but also a statement of your commitment to sustainable choices. Plus it comes in 12 colors, so you’re sure to find something that will spark joy for anyone on your list.


airpod pro keychain in wine saffiano leather

2. Upcycled Leather AirPods Pro Case

Luxury meets eco-friendliness with our upcycled leather AirPods Pro case. Crafted from fashion production scraps, it adds a touch of class to your everyday accessories. Not only does it protect your AirPods and keep them from getting lost, but it also prevents unnecessary waste, making it an ideal eco-friendly holiday gift.




a girl holds her arm against her head, on her wrist is an apple watch with a wine lizard leather band on it

3.  Ethical Leather Apple Watch band

Transforming fashion production scraps into chic accessories, our ethical leather Apple Watch band effortlessly elevates your Apple Watch from sporty to chic. This sustainable gift idea not only exudes style but also underscores the importance of ethical fashion choices.
GREAT REVIEW: "This band makes my apple watch feel SO much nicer, like a piece of jewelry instead of just a watch. It’s so well made, dainty, and the color is just gorgeous! Super high quality."


a headshot of a woman wearing a red beanie hat

4. Upcycled Cashmere Beanie

Stay warm and cozy in the cold weather with our upcycled cashmere beanie. Upcycled from Italian Cashmere leftover by luxury fashion brands, , this beanie keeps you snug while minimizing your carbon footprint, making it a perfect climate-friendly gift.
GREAT REVIEW"Absolutely love my better beanie. The color is gorgeous & it's so soft & cozy - perfect for winter in the NE!"


a girl in all white with a black fanny pack slung across her chest

5.  Upcycled Leather Fanny Pack

Meet your new favorite sidekick- our fanny pack. It's compact, lightweight, and stylish, providing the perfect space for your phone, keys, chapstick, and more. It's the epitome of fashion meets function (and it's unisex!). Made with 100% upcycled leather, it's a small but significant step towards reducing waste, available in two sizes to suit your needs. 
GREAT REVIEW: "I look for the most long lasting waist pack... which are usually made from 100% nylon... but this time i wanted something more natural... after wearing this daily for a couple weeks i feel this one will keep me company for years to come."


a girl hides her face behind a black lizard-embossed leather bifold wallet with snap closure

6. Traveler’s Wallet

An upcycled leather bifold wallet that’s small enough for everyday but includes a dedicated passport pocket for travel flexibility? Yes, please. We love when you can do more with less, and this certainly fits the bill (get it?) 


a profile image of a girl in a green marled sweater with a black baguette bag on her shoulder

7. Mini Shoulder Bag

Inspired by the '90s baguette bag trend, our mini shoulder bag offers a sustainable twist on this iconic style. Perfect for a night out in the town, it not only adds glamour to your outfit but also supports eco-conscious fashion choices.
GREAT REVIEW: "classic shape and feels like high quality construction! cute for everyday or a night out :)"
a profile of a woman in a cream cable sweater and a chocolate croc shoulder bucket bag on her shoulder

8.  Convertible Bucket Bag

Versatility takes center stage with our convertible bucket bag. This sustainable work tote seamlessly transforms into a practical bag for errands or weekend adventures. Its easy-to-use secondary strap converts it from a shoulder bag to a crossbody bag. We love it in the choco croco color- brown is the new black, after all!
GREAT REVIEW: "I've been looking for a crossbody bucket bag that can stand up on its own, and this is a great choice. The olive green color is lovely, and the up cycled material is very nice - smooth and sturdy. I love that the lining is fully attached to the material rather than being loose and billowy on the inside. It's a good size, too - not too mini and not too maxi. Also, the little inside pocket is perfect for a phone, and the rings that hold the straps are perfect for clipping keys or items that you always reach for and have trouble finding in a larger bag."
a girl in a black cropped corset top and an oversized leather blazer

9. A Better Blazer

Perfect for the girl with a capsule wardrobe, this oversized leather blazer is so buttery and chic you'll want to top every look with it. Equaly perfect over casually and dressy looks, it's so good you may end up gifting it to yourself. And since this climate-friendly gift transcends seasons and is well-crafted enough to last for generations, it’s worth the higher price tag. 
GREAT REVIEW: "So IN LOVE with this blazer! The amazing quality is evident and it’s so well constructed. I know this will last me for years and years and years. 10/10!!"
a girl in a bright green buttondown with her arms crossed, wearing a crossbody phone sling bag from HYER GOODS

10. A Phone Sling

For the person always running errands and jugglings bags or dogs or kids, for the person who loves taking long walks with their dog but wants to stay hands-free, for the person who needs their e-mail or social media at arm's length, our phone sling is for you. Keep your phone and cards close and accessible while enabling them to be hands free. Bonus points for making an eco-conscious choice by opting for this upcycled accessory. GREAT REVIEW: "Perfect when you need to pare down to just the essentials on the weekend (and small enough to throw into a larger tote for weekday commutes!)"


As the holiday season approaches, remember it’s totally possible to find gifts that are thoughtful, joyous, and better for the planet. Our eco friendly gift guide features gifts are not just presents; they are expressions of thoughtful consumer choices. By choosing these gifts, you're not only bringing joy to your loved ones but also contributing to a global mission to reduce waste, repurpose materials, and build a more sustainable future. This holiday season, let's celebrate with purpose. For more eco-friendly gifts that not only bring delight to our loved ones but also to our planet, check out our collection of sustainable best sellers for more sustainable gift ideas.

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