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    Sustainable Leather Crossbody Bags

    HYER GOODS elevates the everyday crossbody with chic, sustainable designs. From classic black cube bags to bold blue crossbody bucket bags, every purse is created with buttery, high-quality, upcycled leather.

    Each crossbody purse is made with repurposed unused or waste leather, reducing fashion’s environmental impact without compromising style. Each item is nearly one of a kind by only using materials available during production. Leftover leather from upscale brands, including Italian and embossed leathers, adds a touch of quiet luxury and a whole lot of sustainability.

    HYER GOODS offers a range of versatile crossbody bags that fit your unique style. From our crossbody Camera Bag to our Mini Bucket Bag, there is an ethically crafted purse for every aesthetic.

    Commit to responsible consumerism while staying effortlessly stylish. Add-to-cart and enjoy a HYER GOODS genuine leather crossbody purse that helps the planet and lasts a lifetime.

    Shop Crossbody Purses For High Style, Low Environmental Impact

    Stay stylish without contributing to fast fashion waste with a HYER GOODS leather crossbody bag. Here’s why you’ll love our crossbody purse.

    HYER GOODS crossbody purses are functionally designed to keep you organized and hands-free. Smaller Camera and Mini Bucket Bags Plus easily fit all your essentials. Larger purses like The Cube offer a spacious interior that can also hold a book or tablet. Adjustable straps can transform your crossbody purse into a shoulder bag or clutch.

    Committed to responsible consumerism, HYER GOODS crafts every bag with a conscience! Saving genuine leather positively impacts the planet and helps you stay stylish and responsible.