Actions You Can take On Earth Day (That Don't Involve Hugging A Tree)
Get insight from sustainability experts on actions you can take on Earth Day and every day to help promote a more sustainable planet.
Sustainability Apps: Tried, Tested, and True
Want a zero waste lifestyle? Here are the best apps to find out how to reduce emissions, find the best sustainable brands and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Become a smart sustainable shopper with these tips on spotting greenwashing. We’ll take you through some of the most common misconceptions in eco-marketing, revealing the tricks of buzzwords and false claims. This article aims to uncover the truth, making it easier to invest in the right products!  

The Hyer Goods Guide To Ethical and Sustainable Certifications

Sustainable fashion goods require sustainable certifications to ensure that they meet a set of standards that demonstrate their commitment to good environmental practices. This extensive process requires a series of tests that look to verify that sustainable practices have indeed been followed through in the production of a given good or service.

With Pandemic Fatigue settling in, it's starting to feel like we're living through 2020 part II. But the vaccine is not the only good news to come out of 2021. We've compiled a re-cap of climate positive news for your reading pleasure. 

It’s time to start thinking about the lifespan of our clothes! How often do we purchase a low-quality garment that can only be worn a few times, causing us to discard and replace at rapid rates? This article identifies the elements in designing for longevity, and simple practices for shopping with more intention.

Top Tips and Tricks for a Zero Waste Kitchen
If you love your kitchen, then it’s likely that you’ve spent many hours cooking and cleaning up after a meal. Chances are you’ve also seen all the food scraps and paper towels that end up being thrown out. Here are some tips from experts in sustainable living for how to reduce waste in your kitchen, and practice more sustainable living. Originally published on Redfin.
Debunking Common Sustainability Myths
Sustainability is, no doubt, a complex subject and it’s to be expected that there is a lot of misinformation and confusion surrounding the matter. We, here, at Hyer Goods, have broken down the most popular sustainability myths that exist in the world and give you the inside scoop on what’s fact and what’s fiction.
Recycling Apparel: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It’s important to be able to determine what your clothes are made of and how to recycle accordingly. If you’ve been met with confusion when it comes to doing so, we’ve got just the thing to solve all of your clothing recycling problems. 

A Closer Look At Circular Fashion

As the fashion industry continues to make strides towards more sustainable efforts, more companies are adopting a circular business model that emphasizes the sustainability of products and materials. Circularity in fashion looks at the entire life cycle of a garment, from production to discontinuation, ensuring that each step is ecologically conscious and ethical.

The Hyer Goods Dictionary of Sustainable Fashion Terms
Accessibility is one of the most important facets of any movement. We, here at Hyer Goods, want you to enter the conversation of sustainable fashion and the movement towards greater ecological consciousness in the industry with confidence.
New Year, New (Sustainable) Me

Among the many lessons that 2020 has taught us, the urgency to tackle climate change has proven to be of the utmost importance in sustaining our futures. Whether you’re thinking about making the switch to a more eco-friendly lifestyle or just starting out on your sustainability journey, we’re here to offer you the ultimate starter guide to living your best, sustainable life.

Simple Sustainable Swaps to Start Your Year Off Right
Resolving to live a more sustainable lifestyle can be overwhelming. It's hard to know where to start. Whether you want to reduce plastic use, make less waste, decrease your energy consumption or lower your carbon footprint, the task can seem...
Secondhand Presents: The Gifts That Keep on Giving
As shoppers become more conscious about how their actions are impacting the environment, more people are opening up to the idea of giving secondhand gifts for the holiday season. In this article we discuss what to look for when buying secondhand presents and tips and tricks that will up your secondhand gifting game and make your presents just as exciting as the new ones.
Happy (Sustainable) Holidays!
Each holiday season, there is so much money spent on presents, food, gift wrap, decorations, and lighting up our homes. Whether in-store or online shopping, it is so important for us to keep in mind that many of the trappings...
Waste In The Fashion Industry: Some Stop-and-Think Facts
Hundreds of tons of fabric found at an abandoned factory in Cambodia. Photo by Francois Le Nguyen Over the last decade, we’ve witnessed the rise of fast fashion, democratizing trend and making it available for anyone and everyone. Affordability and convenience...