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    Sustainable Luxury Card Wallets

    Carry all your essential cards in a luxe, sustainable card wallet from HYER GOODS. Each wallet is handcrafted with high-quality, upcycled leather for buttery-soft organization.

    HYER GOODS offers effortless luxury and quality while reducing fashion’s environmental impact. Our card wallets are made with cutting scraps leftover from HYER GOODS bags. Every wallet is crafted with upscale leftover and unused leather—including Italian and embossed leather. Since our wallets use leftover upcycled leather, they’re basically waste twice removed!

    Elevate your style and choose from a wide range of wallets for your cards. We have a variety of colors to coordinate with your HYER GOODS wallets, passport wallets, and bags. Each wallet is also made with materials only available during production, offering a nearly one-of-a-kind design.

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    Shop Card Holder Wallets For Functional, Conscious Style

    Purchasing a HYER GOODS card wallet offers quiet luxury without fast fashion waste. Here’s why you’ll love our card wallets.

    HYER GOODS card wallets keep essential cards organized without the bulk. The minimalist design includes 6 card slots (3 on both sides) and a center pocket for extra cash. Functionally tested to fit standard credit, rewards, and ID cards, the wallet keeps everything within reach. Easily stash your card wallet in the smallest bags or your pocket.

    HYER GOODS is committed to responsible consumerism and designs every card wallet with genuine repurposed leather. No need to sacrifice luxe design for eco-conscious fashion. Our high-quality, upcycled leather wallets keep your cards and cash organized for a lifetime.