Choosing the Best Type of Wallet for Your Personal Style & Everyday Needs

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For those asking, "What are the best kinds of wallets?" the answer may not be as straightforward as you think. Choosing the best wallet will take into account your preferred style and material, everyday use, and budgetary constraints. As the ultimate wallet buying guide, we're here to provide the top considerations when investing in a brand-new wallet.  

Tips for Making the Best Wallet Choice 

If you're seeking a high-utility wallet, factors like storage capacity and material are some of the first considerations that should come to mind. Think about the items in your wallet - do you have a large selection of credit cards or prefer to carry cash? In this case, you may want a high-capacity wallet that can store all of your cards and cash without worrying about whether you'll run out of room. 

Start by inventorying all the items you have in your current wallet. Which credit cards are you carrying that may be expired? Do you have old punch cards that could be tossed out? What about that old gift card that has a $0.12 balance left? Once you remove all the dead weight from your wallet, not only will your pockets feel lighter, but you'll have a better idea of what your following wallet needs to have space for.  

Of course, this all depends on lifestyle and personal preference. Some of us only like to carry around the essentials like an ID, a credit or a debit and credit card. For those who have busy or fast-paced lifestyles, having all of your cards on hand is essential. Once you've decided what your wallet will carry, you'll want to consider the style and how it will fit into your aesthetic. 

The Different Types of Wallets Available 

Bi-fold Wallet

Due to its straightforward one-fold design, bi-fold wallets are among the most popular types available. The classic bi-fold wallet design dates back to the late 1600s, upon the widespread use of paper currency. Since the invention of credit cards in the 1950s, however, bi-fold wallets have contained card slots on both sides, solidifying their versatility and rendering the standard for all wallet types. Bi-fold wallets come in various sizes, colors and textures, making them great to accessorize and coordinate with. 

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Tri-Fold Wallet

Like bi-fold wallets, tri-fold wallets are rectangular and contain an open pocket for cash and card slots for easy access. The only difference is the tri-fold wallet folds into three, with each section making up a third of its total length. These wallets can accommodate and organize more items than a bi-fold, containing at least ten slots and even a receipt pocket for things you're considering returning. Like bi-fold wallets, tri-fold wallets can be accessorized due to the various colors and textures. 

Money Clip 

The money clip goes back to ancient civilization, with the wealthy class using them to hold onto paper currency and decorating them to symbolize their wealth status. Some may prefer money clips because they are more bulky than tri-fold or bi-fold wallets and help them organize their cash. Money clips are made of plastic or pliable metal and can also be used with wallets to secure your money better. 


With the proliferation of cashless transactions over the years, the cardholder has emerged as an intelligent option for those who prefer less bulk in their wallets. Cardholders are sleek and compact, containing a few card slots on both sides. They take up very little room in your pockets as they only have enough room for essential cards and your ID. 

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Accessibility and Size 

Accessibility and size are important factors to consider when choosing a new wallet. Do you want to be able to grab your cash or cards on the go quickly, or do you prefer a more secure method of containing your belongings? In either case, there is likely a wallet to suit your preferences. 

Wallets with zipper closures help ensure everything is in order no matter how bulky your wallet gets. Snap closure wallets, on the other hand, may benefit those who prefer to keep as little on hand as possible. 

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Finally, size matters. If you prefer to carry cash, various cards, and receipts, you should browse larger wallets to accommodate your items. The typical size dimensions of a large leather wallet are approximately 8 inches wide and 4 inches tall. 

Decide What Material is Most Suitable for You

From polyester and nylon to cowhide, the material your wallet is made from will ultimately determine how long it lasts and how well it will function. For this reason, you'll want to research the different types of material that wallets are made from. Most commonly, people will choose leather for its style, durability, and versatile design. 

There are various types of leather commonly used for wallets, ranging from genuine leather, top-grain, and full-grain leather material to sustainably sourced leather. Though top-grain and full-grain leather are known for their high quality and durable material, their production yields far-reaching environmental consequences due to their manufacturing processes. 

Sustainable Leather Wallets Are Worth the Hype

Sustainable leather wallets are quickly emerging as a popular option for those seeking an eco-friendly method for carrying their cash and cards. Despite leather's connotation as harmful to the environment, there are ways to ethically source and create leather goods due to its renewable qualities. There are a few a different types of sustainable leather wallets, including:

Upcycled leather wallets are made from recycled leather materials to help reduce waste and create efficient use of old leather material. They retain the same durability and functionality of standard leather while remaining environmentally friendly. 

Bio-based leather wallets are a cruelty-free alternative to standard leather wallets; bio-based leather wallets are vegan-alternatives that are made from natural materials that closely resemble genuine leather. Its materials range from pineapple leather, apple leather, mushroom leather or even cork. But be careful when you only see the word vegan- often it indicates a polyurethane material, which is really just plastic and won't last very long. 

Sustainably sourced leather wallets are made by brands that promise the use of environmentally friendly materials and practices in manufacturing. They often dedicate themselves to furthering the cause of eco-friendly leather products and promoting fair trade practices. Look for LWG Gold Rated Tanneries, natural dyeing methods like vegetable tanning, and waste-water management. 

Final Thoughts on the Different Types of Wallets to Choose From

Choosing a long-lasting and durable wallet can be a tough decision with all the options available. Whether you're seeking utility, style, or an eco-friendly alternative, there's likely a wallet out there to suit your needs. However, before making a hefty purchase, consider factors like size, material, style, and how you plan to use the wallet to ensure you get the most use out of it for years to come.

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