How to Choose the Best Winter Beanie: Matching Fashion with Function

How to Choose the Best Winter Beanie: Matching Fashion with Function


Of all the winter hats, beanies are a unique accessory choice. From their past as a popular 1900s streetwear item to their mainstream attraction in the 1990s, the beanie has remained a favorite accessory among trendsetters for decades. After all, it boasts fashion and function by keeping you cute and warm. What more could you ask for? 

Today, there are so many styles and types of beanie hats to choose from. As fall approaches, you’ll start to see these chic caps everywhere. They're the best answer when you're looking to discover how to be stylish and comfortable. But how to choose a beanie? Selecting the right headwear to complement your perfectly curated outfit can be hard; the beanie is not only versatile and timeless, but it's a great way to express your individual style. If you’re on the hunt for the best winter beanie, we’ve got your back. By the time temperatures drop, you’ll be glad you found this beanie buying guide!

Keeping Warm in Any Weather 

When the weather starts to feel like fall, choosing appropriate clothing is essential to staying comfortable. Your head is one of the body parts with a higher heat loss, so having a warm hat can help retain body warmth and prevent illness. Keeping the head and ears warm with well-made hats and scarves wards off headaches, colds, and general discomfort as you enjoy crisp temperatures and winter winds. In addition, a good hat will protect your hair and face skin from the elements, like rain, wind or snow. But honestly you'll catch us wearing one the second temps hit 60 degrees because they instantly make your outfit cuter, too.

Beanies are an excellent source of warmth, as they hug your head and ears tightly yet comfortably. They are made from a variety materials, such as wool, cashmere, and cotton-- depending on which you choose, your comfort may vary in different climates.

When you’re sipping on your favorite pumpkin latte and strolling through an apple orchard or navigating snowy streets in colder months, the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable or cold. Beanies are an excellent source of warmth and comfort if you choose wisely, and they complement winter outfits better than most hats. So, reach for a quality beanie this holiday season if you want to stay toasty and cute. 

Choosing the Right Beanie

With the endless amounts of fast fashion available today, choosing the right piece or accessory can feel overwhelming. It can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for among the heaps of options out there. HYER GOODS beanies are made from ethically sourced materials, offering unmatched style and comfort while helping preserve our planet. These are a great addition to your fall and winter style if you’re looking to elevate your look and stay cozy.

So, what makes a good beanie? There are plenty of winter hats to choose from, but these specific caps either fit snugly or oversized. They can be made from warm wool or soft cashmere. There are many factors to consider, so allow us to break them down for you. When selecting your beanie, you should always keep the following in mind:


When it comes to materials, think about where you live and what your priorities are. Does it get cold in your city? Do you need to keep warm most of the day, or would you rather have a breathable option for when temperatures rise at noon? The material of your beanie determines how comfortable and warm it is. It might also be prudent to consider whether your material is ethically sourced.

HYER GOODS uses exclusively sustainable materials by using fashion industry leftovers. However, they still ensure a wide selection of yarns according to your needs. Each material has different benefits but with a similar look, so there's no need to sacrifice style for whatever level of warmth suits your needs.

3 red beanies in different materials: merino, cashmere and angora
  1. Cotton. If you’re looking for a breathable hat useful during transitional weather, cotton is the way to go. 
  2. Cashmere. On the other hand, cashmere is incredibly soft and known for being even more insulating than wool (up to 8 times more than regular sheep's wool!). It's super soft and great at wicking moisture away from the body.
  3. Merino. Merino does all of this and more, boasting temperature regulation, odor resistance, and durable elastic qualities. 
  4. Angora. This wool yarn comes from rabbits, so the harvesting process can be cruel. It is notably soft, lightweight, and fluffy. HYER GOODS sourced it ethically by collecting discarded quantities to create a limited-edition line of Angora beanies.


Snug or oversized? Folded or unfolded? The way you wear your beanie is an expression of your personal style. We love a beanie that gives you loads of options. Unfold the HYER GOODS beanie for a super-slouchy L.A. vibe, fold it once for a vibe that reads Carhartt-but-cares-about-the-planet or fold it twice for a more fitted look.

how to style a beanie: one fold (styled by @abbyontheinternet) or two folds (styled by @rachaelrenae)

Left: @abbyontheinternet wears a HYER GOODS merino wool beanie, styled with 1 fold. Right: @rachaelrenae wears a HYER GOODS cotton beanie, styled with 2 folds


Is the beanie you’re considering primarily functional or primarily fashionable? Sure, the cotton style might have the look you’re going for, but will it keep you warm in the cooler months? (Hint: Choosing one over the other might leave you wishing for both!)  


What does your day-to-day life look like? Do you attend many upscale events? Perhaps you walk to work in cold temperatures. Whatever your social schedule and daily life look like, be sure to choose accessories with these in mind. Pick a color and fit that goes with both your wardrobe and your lifestyle.

Styling Your Beanie

Whether you’re reaching for a classic winter coat or a trendy blazer this year, there are many ways to style or match a beanie with your ensemble. Once you’ve chosen the best winter beanie for you according to our factors above, the next step is making sure it goes well with your wardrobe. If you own mostly neutrals, maybe select a white or cream beanie for a tonal look or adding a pop of color through your accessories will add instant style. If you love wearing patterned winter shirts, perhaps opt for a solid color.

For casual and formal events, a traditional cuffed beanie works well due to its versatility. You can also wear a fisherman beanie to casual affairs, as it is much shorter but still cuffed stylishly. A slouchy beanie is best paired with streetwear or sporty attire. Fisherman beanies can also work here if your outfit is tight-fitting.

The Best Winter Beanie Can Elevate Your Entire Wardrobe

Accessorizing any stylish outfit brings it to the next level in both fashion and function. For example, adding a beanie and scarf combination to a thoughtfully curated outfit adds layers of warmth and style. HYER GOODS offers scarf and beanie sets that are sure to impress. You can even mix and match them for versatile winter outfits. 

During summer, an outfit doesn’t feel complete without a favorite pair of sunglasses. The same is true of beanies during fall and winter! So, choose your perfect beanie and have fun styling it—it’s definitely not falling out of fashion any time soon.  

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