The Best Eco-Friendly Friday Deals on Sustainable Accessories

In the age of hyper-consumerism, holidays like Black Friday encourage shoppers to over-indulge on items that they may not need or otherwise would not be able to afford. Over-consumption is a real issue nowadays, and fast fashion retailers can be blamed for unprecedented levels of waste in clothing and CO-2 emissions as these garments are transported overseas. 

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Using lower quality materials and often carrying a hefty price tag for what the item is worth, fast fashion companies often fuel our unrelenting need to over-consume with enticing Black Friday deals. However, many consumers are becoming privy to this, realizing the dire consequences that can result from over-consumption. But, they're also a great opportunity to invest in higher quality pieces! For this reason, many are turning to sustainable brands that offer high-quality pieces that will endure trend cycles and consistent use for their Black Friday shopping. In this article, we'll cover some worthwhile tips when searching for sustainable Black Friday Deals and provide some codes worth shopping for.

1. Don’t Give Into Temptation

For many, not giving in to temptation is easier said than done during Black Friday. This is due to selection overload and brand marketing teams deeming these items “must haves” while skillfully preying on consumer “FOMO” or fear-of-missing-out. With a constant barrage of advertisements on our phones, it’s hard to ignore the churn of new styles and trends. For this reason, you should keep a list of items on hand when shopping or browsing the internet for deals, whether that be for gifts or your purchases. 

2. Try Carbon-Neutral Shipping

Shopping online may be convenient, but it comes with a carbon price tag. Everyday in the U.S. alone, e-commerce packages travel about the same distance as going to the moon and back ...133,000 times. Carbon-neutral shipping, or carbon-off-setting, refers to reducing the environmental impact of shipping products to your house. This could mean batching your shipment or choosing suppliers that use low-emission vehicles to transport your goods. At HYER GOODS, we purchase carbon offsets to negate the carbon impact of manufacturing and shipping your product to your door. This type of shipping strives to meet net-zero carbon emissions, prevent waste, and safeguard the environment. 

3. Shop Sustainable Brands 

More and more brands recognize the significance of using sustainable and ethically sourced materials. While many brands may tout environmentally-friendly tactics when creating their goods or clothing, there are some essential items you should look for when searching for a sustainable brand. Brand transparency, educational content, certifications or accreditations, and partnering with the community are all tell-tale signs of a brand committed to bettering the environment. 

4. Invest in Sustainable Pieces 

Because sustainable pieces are made with quality in mind, these items don’t come cheap. That’s why Black Friday is the perfect time to invest in these items, as you’ll likely come across some incredible deals that are more cost-justifiable. Invest in items that are staple pieces, like a high-quality sustainable leather blazer or shoulder bag, as these items are likely to last seasonal churn and endure regular use. 

Shop Sustainable Fashion Black Friday 

Now that you're equipped with all the tools you need to shop respsonsibly on Black Friday, we saved the best for last. Here's a sneak peek at the HYER GOODS Black Friday sale. Hyer Goods offers environmentally-friendly fashion items, including sustainable leather bags, outerwear, accessories, and more. We use upcycled leather material left over from luxury fashion brands and give it new life in the form of high-quality leather goods. With Black Friday right around the corner, we’re offering the chance to invest in your sustainable leather piece at 20% sitewide from 11/21 - 11/29 with the code GIVEBETTER2023. With such a great deal, it’s likely our best-selling items are going to go fast, so start browsing our selection today

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