What is A Bucket Bag and Why You Need One

What is A Bucket Bag and Why You Need One

As we head into fall, these purses have been the talk of the fashion world in recent months. From Bottega Veneta to Hermes, everyone seemed to have a version of this iconic silhouette make its way down their runway. It makes sense: Bucket bags are versatile, super chic, and extremely practical for the person on the go. But what is a bucket bag? Lucky for you, we have the latest scoop. 

A bucket bag is exactly what it sounds like: It usually has a strongly structured silhouette; it is shaped like a cylinder with a deep interior to store lots of essentials. In addition to its spacious and memorable bucket shape, it also has tall, sturdy walls, sometimes with a convenient drawstring. It's naturally cavernous interior is perfect for the woman on the go. With so much storage and fashion appeal, the bucket bag is the it-girl item this fall, and you’ll soon learn why.

A Fashionable Yet Practical History

Since the 18th century, bucket bags existed as a women’s fashion accessory. They experienced a particular rise to fame in 1932, when Louis Vuitton produced a stylish modern version of the Noé bag. Today’s bucket bags are inspired by this champagne bottle bag, which was designed to safely carry five (yes, five) bottles of champagne at a given time. In 1940, Vogue featured larger styles that catered more so to functionality. After a brief break from the limelight, women’s bucket bags returned to the height in the 1980s, and they're back in the spotlight today.

a black and white image of the louis vuitton original noe bag from the 1930's next to a colorful image of the HYER GOODS cinch bucket bag
Left: the original Louis Vuitton Noe bag, as it appeared in Vogue. Archives Louis Vuitton Malletier/Seeberger Right: the HYER GOODS Cinch Bucket Bag.

Versatile Bucket Bag Types

There are several types of leather bucket bags from which to select your next statement fall accessory. Whether you prefer a smaller size or a mix of certain materials, there are plenty of options. HYER GOODS bucket bags offer an impressive range of bucket purses for your accessorizing needs. (Each bag even has an adjustable strap or extra ones to allow it to be worn as a crossbody.) When figuring out which type of bucket bag is right for you, here are some things to consider:

  1. Soft or Structured.


    soft bucket purse

     allows for more flow and comfort when holding it, as the
    material is malleable. This look gives more go-with-the-flow, effortless-chic vibes. A structured bucket purse is made from thicker materials and keeps its iconic, beautiful shape even when you place it on a flat surface. It screams statement bag, statement look, iconic outfit. Often its structure and shape naturally allow for more storage space inside. HYER GOODS also offers a variety of sizes, including a mini or regular size in their structured bucket bag.bucket bag images side by side: structured vs soft
  2. Leather or Fabric-and-Leather Mixture.

    If you prefer pure leather, HYER GOODS offers plenty of stunning bucket bags made from 100% ethically sourced leather. They also offer alternative versions of leather-and-fabric mixtures for those who prefer alternatives.bucket bag images side by side: mixed fabrics vs all over leather

Keep Ahead of the Trends with a Bucket Bag

Those small Y2K shoulder purses are trending heavily right now, but the bucket bag is a step ahead of them. If you want to remain relevant among fashion icons everywhere, add some bucket bags to your wardrobe and get ready to show them off. No matter the size or material, these gorgeous bags are a 2023 staple.

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