What to Wear this Fall: The Best Leather Bags

From Bucket Bags to Baguette Bags, These are the trends you need to know

a girl on the left wears a trench and holds a chocolate croc bucket bag, a girl on the right wears a brown leather blazer with a camel quilted camera bag

With so many fall fashion trends crowding social media, it’s hard to know what to wear this fall. But one thing’s for sure: It’s leather weather, ya’ll. NOTHING goes quite as well with crisper temps as a gorgeous, leather bag. And the best part about investing in one? While a new top may get worn every now and then, the best fall bags will elevate every look, this fall and beyond. Wear, rewear, repeat. That’s how we like to do it.

Although there’s been lots of talk about the comeback of small-to-medium Y2K shoulder purses lately, fall bag trends are full of options- you’re sure to find the right one for you. From bucket bags to slightly oversized shoulder purses, we have key intel about the best leather bags to wear this fall. So, let’s get started. Happy styling!

Trending Fall Bags

Leather has been a fall staple for as long as we can remember. This year, we have narrowed down the best leather bags to pair with your favorite blazer or wide leg pants. Find the style that pairs back with your lifestyle!

  1. The 90s Purse

    That Y2K baguette bag is still going strong, now with maximalist buckle details, in new elevated textures and an array of sizes. That's right. When you think of the classic 90s bag, you might envision a tiny, feminine shoulder bag. And yes, we love that. But now this 90s trend comes in everything from tiny to huge.  HYER GOODS fall bags boast three sizes of their 90s bag, including mini, medium, and hobo. This bag pairs well with silk dresses, mini skirts, and the classic blazers-and-jeans combination. The Medium Shoulder Bag is the perfect day-to-night size, if you want something that fills a lot of needs, while the mini is great for brunch or a night out, and the hobo is a great everyday bag,
    a comparison of 3 sizes of shoulder bags
  2. Oversized Bags

    Trust us when we tell you that you don’t have to rock a tiny shoulder purse to be trendy this fall. For those of us who prefer to carry plenty of essentials around, chic oversized bags are an excellent option, and they are a designated hot fall item. The HYER GOODS Hobo Shoulder Bag is perfectly oversized, so it still appears chic without overpowering you.hyer goods hobo shoulder bag
  3. Bucket Bags

    These iconic bags were first designed by Louis Vuitton for carrying champagne and now come in a wide variation in shapes, textures and sizes. They were all the rage in the 80s, they saw a huge resurgence on the fall fashion runways this year. Whether they’re soft and cinched or structured, these add flare to any outfit, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Look for one you can sling it over your shoulder, dangle fashionably from your fingers or even wear as a crossbody. (HYER GOODS even has a collection of crocodile embossed leather bucket bags for the high-fashion icon looking to score big with accessories this year, but you didn’t hear that from us.) hyer goods mini bucket bag burgundy croco

Fall Colors That Catch the Eye

Wondering what color purse is good for fall 2023? While neutrals are always in fashion, there are some notable colors that stood out on the fall runways. Forest green, sage, chocolate and cherry red are centers of attention. The easiest way to wear color is in your accessories! Pairing an accessory in one of these colors with a neutral blazer or pants elevates any outfit. But there’s no need to go scrolling Pinterest or TikTok—we’ve got all the intel right here.

Here are the hottest fall colors this year:

  1. RED.

    Yes, we capitalized this one for emphasis! Suddenly, cherry red has made a raging comeback in fall fashion. From blazers to boots, you’ll see red everywhere this year. We recommend selecting a red accessory to bring a pop of color to any neutrals you own, such as a scarf or trendy fall bag.hyer goods mini shoulder bag red patent
  2. Chocolate.

    You should know by now that brown is back! If not, we’re happy to break the news. Say goodbye to merely choosing between a cream or black purse for your next night out. A beautiful chocolate bag is the perfect addition to any number of color and outfit combinations. (We’d even say black and brown can be worn together now, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.)converible bucket bag choco croc
  3. Burgundy.

    This deeper shade of red is excellent for wintertime. It also reads well when attending more formal fall events, such as a wedding or a nice dinner. Burgundy accessories might be easier to style, just as red ones are, but if you love bright colors, burgundy sweaters, leather pants, and other staple pieces are an excellent way to stand out from the crowd this fall.hyer goods medium shoulder bag burgundy croc
  4. Shades of Green.

    From sage to deep forest green, this elegant fall favorite is making waves. We love green with everything: black, brown, cream, beige, red—you name it! It has a hold on us like no other, and it is gorgeous as an accent color or a featured element in any fall outfit. 

These rich hues may have come from the fall runways, but we love how they’ll look all year round. 

Turning Heads with the Latest Fall Fashion

No matter the fall bag trend you choose, you’re bound to look straight out of a chic autumn Pinterest board with these autumnal recommendations. We’ve all seen those model-esque photos of sweeping coats, knee-high boots, and slicked-back buns with medium gold hoops. Add a trendy purse, and you’re golden!

Although fast fashion is beautiful, it can also practice unsustainable material sourcing. HYER GOODS offers an impressive selection of chic accessories and clothing made from abandoned textiles. Every year, fast fashion produces 6.3 million tons of textile waste. Recycling these materials is environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about the fashion choices you’re making! Our sustainable twist on leather (everything is sourced from luxury fashion leftovers) enables you to look good and feel good by wearing these trends in a responsibly sourced material.

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