General Bag

Caring For Your Bag

With proper care, your upcycled leather products can last for generations. 
To keep the natural shape of your bag, store it in its original protective dust bag, re-stuffing it with the paper included in-between wears to help items keep their original shape. Avoid storing your leather in direct sunlight (like a windowsill)-- any day to day exposure is great!

Some substances can leave permanent marks on the leather like sunscreen and oil-based products, lipstick and other make-up products, lotions, perfume and alcohol-based products. Dark colored textiles like denim can rub off on light-colored leather goods, so it's best to avoid contact. 

Keep leather away from humidity, heat and chemicals and avoid extreme moisture and rough surfaces, which can scratch and damage it. If your leather gets wet, allow it to air dry at normal room temperature. For any serious damage always take leather items to a specialist leather dry cleaner.

Be protective of hardware as any contact (including weather) can damage the shine or scratch the surface of your products. To keep hardware looking shiny, always use a dry cloth to polish. 
All leathers are not created equal, so depending on which leather you purchased, the care process may differ. Please reference the type of leather in our Product Care Guide for additional information on best practices. When in doubt, consult a local leather care professional.